We have a tie.

It’s been very hard. Very hard. First of all, I want to thank everyone for entering. You all had such wonderful essays. So many reasons for choosing YOU. But it had to come down to the BEST and we have a tie.

Between Jennifer Lyn Hrycyk and Nicole Ann Saenz.



Here are their entries:


Taylor Swift: Dreaming of an evening with her, and Shannon.

When I was a young girl, I adored singing. I’d watch The Sound of Music every day when I came home from school. I’d sing as loudly as my vocal chords could belt “Cliiiiiiimmmmmbbb e-vvvvvvvrrrey mountain…..”

Once my VHS tape broke from watching Sound of Music too much, I moved on to Annie. My vocal chords had gotten stronger by now, so I was able to harmonize with myself, “Thhhhhhhee suuuuuuuunn will come out, toooooo-morow….”

I was a glorious singer. Unfortunately, no one else thought so. As I grew to realize that maybe my angelic voice wasn’t as good as Debbie Gibson and Joey McIntyre, I couldn’t bare the thought to give up my dream of being a famous country pop star.

Finally the day came when I realized: I’d have to move on from being the next Tiffany, and would have to live vicariously through someone else’s career.

I waited for years and years to decide who I would live through. I searched high and low, but I never found anyone. So I had no choice but to repress my lifelong heart’s dream. Being a singer and/or living vicariously through one, it was no longer an option.

Days passed. Months passed. And eventually years had passed. Then, something unexpected happened.

It was the summer before college. It had been years since I’d reminisced about my dreams. Suddenly, they all came flooding back to me when I heard the most magnificently angelic voice I’d ever heard in my entire life. Better than NKOTB, better than Tiffany and even better than Tina Turner! I couldn’t believe my ears, I’d found my very own American Idol!!

She had silky, shiny, thick, luxurious hair. She had big beautiful eyes that showed off eye shadow like no make up job I’d ever witnessed.  She had a radiant smile that could make everyone, in any room she walked into, fill up inside with joy.

As if being such a beauty wasn’t good enough, she undeniably resembled one of the hottest, most popular singers on the planet at the time, Brittney Spears, BUT PRETTIER (obviously).

Already in awe of her bedazzling beauty, I was taken back as I felt my heart flutter when I heard the most incredible tune come out of her mouth. “Big wheels keep on turnin’, turnin’, proud mary keep on burnin’, burnin’. Rollin’, rollin’ rollin’, rollin’ rollin’ on a riiiiiiivaaaaaa.”

Suddenly, my dreams of living vicariously through the most amazing singer EVER, flooded back from my soul. I’D FOUND HER!!!! This is who I can only dream of being, this is who I want to live vicariously through. Is she a country pop star? I’m not sure. Is she famous? She has to be!

I was soon introduced to the apple of my eye for many years to come, Cannon. Yes, her name was Cannon. I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated by her charm. But her warm, cozy hugs quickly made me feel right at home in her arms.

Okay, so what was my point? Oh right, why me (sorry I got sidetracked by such happy memories)?

Why me? I’ll be honest, there’s nothing too special about little ol’ me. However what I can genuinely say from the bottom of my heart: Taylor Swift and Shannon Henderson have something in common; I adore both of them with every itty bitty ounce of my heart and soul.

When I hear Shannon’s voice and Taylor’s voice, they both of the same effect on me. They make me smile. When I see them, I always giggle because it makes me realize how fitting the song, “The Best Day” is. I know Taylor wrote that song for her mom, but it’s like I could have written it for Shannon. Or Taylor. Either one because whenever I’m with Shannon, I have the best day. Whenever I see Taylor or PerezHilton.com or TMZ, I have the best day. Go figure?

Most importantly, why me? Simple. Because Shannon and Taylor could give someone (me) the opportunity, for one small moment in time, in the midst of so many negative things in the world, to shine with true happiness.

It’s my dream to spend an evening being able to sing along, as loud as my vocal chords will go (just like we did at Kelly Clarkson, but maybe more), to all of the Taylor Swift songs I know (including some of my faves…You Belong With Me, Love Story, You’re Not Sorry, The Best Day, to name a few….). I’ll admit, there’s a few songs I don’t yet know, but what better possible way to experience them for the first time, than in person, with tears of joy falling from my humbled eyes.

Oh, a random thought I just had…I know it might be hard to believe, but I love, love, love screaming kids. Screaming kids, screaming adults, screaming babies….it’s like Taylor Swift music to my ears. I have a feeling that if I were the lucky winner (and I never win anything, but that’s okay, what’s one more loss in my life) I might get to be surrounded by screaming kiddies all night. I mean this could be like the best day of my whole life all of this, even better than my wedding day probably.

But do you know the only thing that could make this whole experience better than the true bliss I’ve already described? Only one thing: if I could wear an outfit matching Shannon’s. She always looks so exquisite, if I could wear a piece of her for just one night, I think I could sleep peacefully forever more.

I can only imagine the difficulty of this decision. Shannon has so many people that love her and adore her, and I’m sure they’ll all do anything to win a night with Shannon. Oh and TS too. If I don’t win, it’s okay, life will go on. I’m used to coming out behind, so nothing new.

But if I do win, I don’t know if the smile on my face will ever fade. Ever…


Why you?

It’s almost silly for me to answer a question like, “Why you?”  The true question here is “Why not me?”  As sisters, which is what we are, we have always included each other in the most awesome and fun activities we’ve been privileged to.  If we have nothing set up to entertain us, we simply vow to “stay up for the rest of our lives” and entertain ourselves with 80’s movies, board games, or idol.  So again, I pose, “Why not me?” I am your blood (and blood is thicker than water). We are birds of a feather. We are, quite simply, the most fun people we know.

Finally, I must argue that not only would picking me be your best and most fun choice, picking me inevitably strengthens the roots of our band.  While you are out for injury (blast you jagged glass!), it would be wise for our little duet to really find its roots and learn “what we are all about.” Seeing as how Taylor Swift songs seem take up the majority of our group’s library, taking me to the concert is not only the right choice for you personally, but also professionally. Warming you up for the kill.

How many songs do I know?

I do have both Fearless and Taylor Swift, the self-titled album (it takes courage and confidence to have a self-titled album, so great job Swifty).  I feel very strong with Taylor’s more popular songs, but still have more to learn when it comes to her lesser-known tunes. This concert would be the boost I need to help me memorize and perfect all of Taylor Swift’s songs.

Again, I must point out that my refining of Taylor’s material will definitely help our band. At the concert I will be exposed to more direct teaching in the way of Taylor, and will no longer frustrate you, my partner, when I do not know the lyrics to a song. Is your decision becoming clearer? I sure hope so.

How loud will you sing?

I will sing loud and proud, but never, NEVER will I overpower the singing of the great Shannon Marcee Henderson.  As discussed previously, by the concert I will have perfected each of Taylor’s songs, however, the true benefit will be to you, ShaSha. I will play back-up to your lead, chorus to your solo. I will never sing so loudly that you cannot hear your two favorite singers at the concert, Taylor and you. This is YOUR day, I’ll just be there to make it better for you.

How do you feel about screaming kids?

I am truly a professional when it comes to kids and their audible habits. As you know, I’ve been nanny and teacher to many children, of all age groups. I can easily deal with children and their natural, excitement at the concert. I love children and think that love for children makes the world go ‘round. HOWEVER, if those little brats cross any lines (e.g. blocking our view, heckling, singing louder than us), I’m not afraid to smack one upside their head. Those little nuisances will get what they deserve if they even try to ruin your experience. So there!

If you could be any artist in the world, who would you be?

Why I’d be Shannon Marcee Henderson, of course.  Her ease of being in the spotlight and spontaneous, audience-pleasing performances leaves no one before her in my eyes. I’ve seen her turn the darkest of bars (Tumbleweeds) into an upbeat, happy place (which just happens to have had some HB white-trash in it). Also, ShaSha is not only an artist of song, but also an artist of humor. She has always carried her Improv groups and been the “ham” of any musical she has been in. She is a well-rounded star and I would be lucky to have an ounce of her gallons of talent. Tell me this is solidifying my spot!

How do you feel about wearing matching outfits?

Of course matching outfits are a necessity when attending a much to-do concert. Rather than completely matching I prefer “coordinating” outfits, meaning we each wear our own color, or alternate hairpieces, bracelets, cowboy hats, sparkly bras etc. By coordinating outfits we are telling other concerteers, “Hey look at us; we are fun enough to match, but are still our own person.”

So whether we have Matching Outfits like this or Coordinating Outfits like this, we are sure to wow others and have a blast while doing so. Pick me! Pick me!

How will I decide??????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Entry #10

Well. Good thing I gave that, very important, extension. Because my own mother had not sent in her entry. Tisk tisk.

So…here it is folks, Mama Saenz’s entry!!!!!

1) Why you?

Why me?  I’ll tell you “why me” young lady.  If it were not for me, you would not be going to this concert because you would not exist!  Enough said.

2) How many songs do you know?

I know enough to fake it and I could always bring cheat sheets.

3) How loud will you sing?

How loud?  My voice will be deafening, earsplitting, piercing, thunderous and shrill –pretty – no, but loud – yes.

4) How do you feel about screaming kids?

Screaming kids?  Oh hell no!  I will give them the classic Cass-Cheatham look started by my grandmother, used by my mother and perfected by me.  One look from my blazing eyes and those brats will take their seats with their hands folded.  A thump on the head might help too.

5) If you could be any artist in the world, who would you be?

If I could be any artist in the world, I would be Van Gogh (but what does that have to do with the Taylor Swift concert?)

6) How do you feel about wearing matching outfits?

Matching outfits?  Are you kidding?  Did I not dress you and Lisa alike for the first several years of your life?  The only rule is, of course, different colors.  I’ll even let you wear blue since you’re still complaining that you always had to wear pink.

Now what time is the concert?  Seven? That seems awful early in the morning but I’m use to getting up early so that’s okay.  What?  Seven at night?  Are you talking about an hour before my bedtime?

Never mind.


An Extension

Ok Peeps! I know this has gone on for awhile now AND I have almost made my decision. BUT I have heard from a few people that say they still want to enter the race. So I’m giving an extension and by Sunday January 31st, a decision will be made. For those of you procrastinators, today is your lucky day. You have until next Wednesday (1/27/10) to enter your submission. Good luck to one and all.

Here’s a little video of our friend Taylor:


This is a good one!!!

Alexis Hartman

Mrs. Henderson’s class


It’s A Love Story, Baby, Just Say Yes

April 16, 2010.  To anyone else, its just another Friday, but to me, it’s the most important day of my life.  My idol, Taylor Swift, is playing a concert in which I have the opportunity to witness her amazing talent in person!!   However, its only if I win this contest.  Why me, you ask?  Why should I get the privilege to go to this 2, hopefully 3 hour-long event of excitement and teen angst?  Well, first and foremost, I am probably the most fun person I know.  We’ll laugh, we’ll share stories, we’ll create memories.  Another reason why it should be me?  We were Taylor Swift fans before the Kanye incident.  We were even Taylor fans before “You Belong With Me” came out.  Other than that, because I can relate to her songs more than anyone I know.  This is probably due to the fact that she wrote them based on my life.  I mean, how else can she pinpoint exactly what I felt in one experience when she wrote “The Way I Loved you?”   Or “Love Story?”  Romeo and Juliet is my favorite story of all time.  I’m convinced “You’re Not Sorry”,  “White Horse” and “Breathe” are based on a true story via boys from my past.  They have to be.

I know all of her songs and can sing them all, obviously knowing every lyric, most likely to the point that my voice will overshadow hers on the microphone.  I don’t mean to do this, as I know everyone will go to the concert to hear her and not me, but I swear, I sound EXACTLY like her in the car – so I shouldn’t disappoint.  And compared to us, there will be no screaming kids.  We won’t even notice there are other people there since there will be too much excitement and enthusiasm coming out of our lungs between the two us.

The concert means a lot to me, not only because its an opportunity to embarrass myself happily by wearing coordinated outfits with my fellow Taylor concertgoer/BFF, but because I want to be her.  I want to play the guitar like her.  I want to date Taylor Lautner like her.  I want to be America’s sweetheart like her.  Most of all, I want to be super rich, humble and creative just like her.  This is why I believe we should coordinate our outfits.  Either by matching or by us dressing up like her two different main characters in the “You Belong With Me” video.  Have you seen those glasses and outfits?  Talk about fun.  I’m the perfect fit for the Taylor Swift concert and can’t wait to see my face superimposed on that man’s body on www.shannonscrazy.com!

Best of luck to you, Miss Alexis!


ENTRY #7!!!

And here is #7′s entry. Aaron T. Gale. My new BFF!!!


Who cares about this stupid election? We all know it doesn’t matter who gets elected Winner of this contest. Do you really think it’s going to change anything around here; make one single person smarter or happier or nicer? The only person it does matter to is the one who gets elected. The same pathetic charade happens every year, and everyone makes the same pathetic promises just so they can put it on their transcripts to get into Taylor Swift Concert. So vote for me, because I am already going to Taylor Swift in Denver, and I don’t care, and as winner I won’t do anything. The only promise I will make is that if elected I will immediately dismantle the competition, so that none of us will ever have to sit through one of these stupid concerts again! (hint thats from a movie)


Embarrassingly enough I don’t think their is a Taylor Swift song I don’t know. In fact I am sure that not only can I sing like her but can probably stampede like an elephant on stage just like her and…. if my hair were longer…. awkwardly sashay it side to side on my head more times than is needed….”if you could see that I’m the one who understands you…”


My voice is pretty loud, never on key except for the occasional mistake when I hit the same note as the person i am trying to imitate but nevertheless the question isn’t how well I sing but how loud….I am more than willing to bring something to enhance it as well… something along the lines of a megaphone…. home-made and bejeweled ORANGE AND BLACK to represent your ties to the Oilers (go VIKINGS) of course.


More importantly how do they feel about me? From experience with my four nieces and nephews all under 3 years old I have learned to block them out when need be…be patient when possible and when all else fails Scream along at the appropriate times. These kids at the concert wont know what hit them.


I’m going to turn this around on you a little bit…. hear me out. Okay so you told Turi at your HBHS GIRLS REUNION (yes i know you didnt go there) that you wanted to be my BFF… well everyone on planet earth knows the answer to this question that has ever met me… If I win this GOLDEN TICKET maybe we can go to HER concert next.


I love matching outfits…it will be like Sadie Hawkins 1999 when you were a Senior and I was the younger male Junior and we both went as sexual active trombone players together ( you were so young and beautiful then and still are)…in fact i still have the outfits if we can squeeze into them over 10 years later. If we can’t then next best option…I buy us matching flasks, and we can take shots, matching one for one of course, until we cant remember the kids screaming or possibly even the concert itself and the awkward hair sashaying and her long limbs seemingly not connected to her body and to which she has no control over, and have to buy tickets to her vegas show and do it all over again just to get the full effect. YAY I CANT WAIT



Definitely NOT a winner!

Entry #6 (#5 was so good I cannot post it until ALL entries have been made) – Elshabanesha

I’m entering your contest, even though I will not be there and don’t want to go. I just want to be on your blog.

Here it is:

1.      Why you?

Because I’m pretty and I love wine.

2.      How many songs do you know?

I know A LOT of songs. Probably thousands. But if you mean TS songs specifically, I probably know about 1 ½.

3.      How loud will you sing?

Probably not very loud since I don’t know the words to most songs. But during the 1 ½ that I do know, I’ll sing my heart out.

4.      How do you feel about screaming kids?

They drive me nuts and sometimes I want to kick them.

5.      If you could be any artist in the world who would you be?

Hilary Duff. Not because she can sing, but because Andrew thinks she’s super hot and I’m sure it would make him REALLY happy if I morphed into Hilary for a day.

6.      How do you feel about wearing matching outfits?

I’d just like to remind you of the following… pink party, black and red playboy shirt party, not to mention the few times we dressed EXACTLY alike by accident. See example below: (I think these items speak for themselves).


Damn. I look young in that picture…

Anywhoooooo, Elsja you did not win.

Entry #4

Thank you very much Erin for your entry. Although you have quite the arguments, I will not be choosing Nikki upon your entry. If you happen to win, it will be YOU and only YOU that receives the wonderful night-o-fun!

Here it is:

1.      Why you?

a.      Why NOT me?? I’m your little sister’s BF in San Diego, Stevie’s auntie, and an all out awesome lady!  And also because I love me some Taylor Swift and if I were 19 and could do it all over again, I would SO want to be her.

2.      How many songs do you know?

a.      Way too many to even begin to count.  I also have the capability to sing the new Taylor Swift album front to back…yes it is intimidating, but it’s a fact.

3.      How loud will you sing?

a.      Loud enough for my voice to allow me to, however I am no match for you Saenz girls and your golden pipes.  I’ve seen/heard it in action…breathtaking  really :) ha

4.      How do you feel about screaming kids?

a.      I actually consider myself to be a screaming kid.  Especially when at a concert, all volume control goes out the window when you’re in the midst of other screaming kids all singing the same song!

5.      If you could be any artist in the world who would you be?

a.      Now I wish you would have put a time era on this one….if it was like 80s time frame, definitely a Miss Whitney Houston (pre-crazy pills and drug problems).  If it was right this very second, I’d say Lady Gaga, she’s for sure from some other planet yet so entertaining.  She’s loony!

6.      How do you feel about wearing matching outfits?

a.      Matching outfits are ALWAYS a good idea, especially when it involves homemade puffy paint t-shirts.  I’m just saying.

Well there you have it.  Thank you for opening the contest to the outside world, and again if I am chosen as the winner, take Nikki…she’ll love it :)

xoxo Gossip Girl

(aka Erin)


Good luck ;) !

Entry #3

I  received my third entry today. Yes third. The person who entered the second entry asked to stay anonymous until after I have made my decision. She feels so confident about her writing that she does not want anyone taking liberties…

As for the third entry, well, I have to say it is another great one. Amanda O’Donnell, soon-to-be Watts has been a long time friend. And here it is:

Why you?
Because you miss me and love me so much.  Because you cannot wait to spend the most time in the world with me.  Because this could be my wedding present.

How many songs do you know?
I have heard that one song about the sneakers and do not feel badly that I am often the one to wear short skirts.

How loud will you sing?
As you are well aware (see video entry: Beautiful Singing) I will sing at the top of my lungs knowing full well I hit every 4th note in tune.  ALL BY MYSELF… DON’T WANT TO BE ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!   ANYMOREEEEEEE!!!  Chester cheetah.  ALLLLLLLL BBBBBBYYYYYYYY MMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYSELFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you feel about screaming kids?
I can deal.  I did grow up with Jason O’Donnell.

If you could be any artist in the world, who would you be?
I would be Gwen Stefani.  Because she is perfectly perfect.

How do you feel about wearing matching outfits?
Does 80’s day count?



We have our first entry!!!

Alright peeps it’s on!!! I received my first entry for the Taylor Swift concert today. AND it’s a good one! Here it is, written by the one and only Fay Henderson aka mum-in-law:

1. Why you?

Because I am the only mother of your husband and still have significant ‘clout’ in that department … i.e…….  making him feel guilty ……winding him up etc..etc… also need a financial ‘ incentive’  to visit youse… also he told  me to apply…..

2. How many songs do you know?

Lot and lots and lots…. in fact hunners…..

3. How loud will you sing?

VERY LOUD ( not always in tune ) but still LOUD ..have vast experience in this dept.. see video below…

4. How do you feel about screaming kids?

Love them…..  ( but couldn’t eat a whole one …)

5. If you could be any artist in the world, who would you be?

Definitely Shania Twain….or Celine Dion…….or Diana Ross…..

6. How do you feel about wearing matching outfits?

Matching outfits  ???…. love it ……( I should have been a twin ! )

Your faithfully
Your Mother-in-Law

if I come second I’ll dog-sit the puppies… xxxx

Ok peeps. It time to step it up.

An Essay Contest

Ok. For my bday, Dougie surprised me with 2…TAYLOR SWIFT tickets!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! The date is Friday, April 16, 2010 and they are very good seats! Now. I know a lot of you peeps would like to go with me so I have devised a plan. An essay writing contest. I am very serious about this. If you would like to go with me, you have to write an essay telling me why I should pick you. Here is the criteria:

  1. Why you?
  2. How many songs do you know?
  3. How loud will you sing?
  4. How do you feel about screaming kids?
  5. If you could be any artist in the world, who would you be?
  6. How do you feel about wearing matching outfits?

You make this essay worth my while and this could be you:


Good Luck!!!

Entries due by the end of the year.