Acts of Kindness – Days 4, 5, and 6

Man it is trying being overly kind on the weekends AND blogging.

On Saturday (Day 4), we went out for my friend, Tina’s, bday. For my act of kindness, I made sure everyone got together for a group picture before they left. It was what Tina wanted and I was there for her. Here’s the pic:

(I also think it’s pretty kind of me to put this picture up. Seriously, what am I doing???)

Day 5 I went to Vons and told my favorite clerk what a wonderful job she does and that I like to wait in her line, even if it’s longer than the others. She said, “Awwww. I love that! And I love your red headed child!” Heh!

Today (Day 6) I baked cupcakes for a veteren in honor of Veteran’s Day. That veteran was this guy:

Corporal (CPL) Charles Matthew Saenz – my dad

Charlie Saenz served in the Marines Corps from 1964-1967. In that time, he fought hard for our country in the Vietnam War.

So here’s to my dad! Best Vet ever!

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