Acts of Kindness – Day 1: To My Mom

Welp, it’s that time a year again where Jennifer Hyrcyk and I start being kind. Not to say we’re not kind throughout the year. We are. Promise.

Last year, if you remember, Jen and I devoted a day to performing acts of kindness. Our hope was to make people feel good and also spread the word that it doesn’t take a lot to be kind.

This year we’ve decided to start early. We haven’t set an actual date for the “big day” but we had a great idea for the lead up to the day. Here it is -¬†Every day until the “big day” we will perform a “free” act of kindness. These ones are the hardest! We’re not going to spend any money. We’re just going to come up with a way to be kind. Eeeeeee!

Ok. Acts of Kindness – Day 1: To My Mom

Earlier today I sent my mom an email telling her all the wonderful things I love about her. Now. We are NOT mushy people. So to preface the email I warned her that it would get mushy and I told her she had to just suck it up! Here are a few things I wrote:

  • You are very smart.
  • You have lovely, thick, red hair.
  • You have the best scooting, dance moves.
  • You are a great whistler.
  • You are very generous.
  • You love your grandchildren.
  • You watch your grandchildren even though you’ve worked an 8 hour day and spend two hours in the car.
  • I don’t think you’ve ever called in sick without actually being sick.
  • You sang your children good morning songs every morning.
  • You are the best stocking stuffer in town.
  • You are very funny.
  • You are shy to the outside world.
  • Ewan is your favorite grandchild. (Ok. This one may not be true as my mom is VERY good at keeping it a secert as to which grandchild she likes the best.)

I really hope she enjoyed her email. And I hope that it put a smile on her face!

Here’s to Mama Saenz!

Senior Class Picture_Carol

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