European Vacation – Part 2

(Yea yea. I lag.)

Ok where was I? Oh yea, still in Ely. Sunday, after our night out, we got up, drove to the airport, and caught our flight. Nothing really exciting happened on the way to Scotland. It’s a pretty easy flight, only about an hour. What I did like about the flight were the seats. The plane was smaller, so the rows were two by two. I had the window, Doogie had the isle, and there was no sweaty, smelly person sitting next to us. Yipee!

Tangent: Seriously, you never know who you’re going to be sitting next to. One time, on my way to see Amanda in NYC, I sat next to this guy who insisted that I watch Dazed and Confused on his laptop with him. When he realized that he did have a double jack thingy for our headphones, he went around the cabin asking people if they had one. Yes, he did manage to get one. And yes, I did have to watch the whole movie with him. And yes, he did follow me out of the airport, asking to share a cab in the city. AND YES, I hit him over the head with my luggage. JK on the hitting part. I just ran!

Soooo we finally got to Scotland, where Fay (mum-in-law) and Ian (pa-in-law) picked us up. When we got to their house, where we stayed for most of the trip, we were greeted by the Stevensons,┬áKirsty (Dougie’s sister), Duane (Kirsty’s husband), Kieran (oldest son), Becca (middle), and (the newest member) Jack.

Here are some pics:





This is the first time we have met Jack! He was a jar full of puddin’.

That night the fam put together a buffet style meal. Just what we needed. Yumyumyum. My favorite part of the meal was the way them Scots say buffet. Instead of saying it with a short /u/ sound, they use an /oo/ sound. So it’s like booffet. I like saying it. Booffet. “What are we having for dinner tonight?” “I think we’ll put together a booffet.”

On Monday, we had the Weans (wee ones or child) over. So Dougie and I decided to go on an adventure with Kieran, Becca, Jodie (boxer dog 1), and Holly (boxer dog 2) into the Scottish countryside.












One of my favorite parts of Scotland is the long walks we go on. Too bad I won’t go in the foresty parts because the Blair Witch Project ruined it for me.

When we got back, we hung out with “Just Jack” some more.




Tuesday it was Duane’s 40th birthday! We went into Ayr (city on the west coast of Scotland, about 20 minutes away from where we were) to get some pressies!

More pics:




Can you see Dougie and Ian in the next pic?


After we got home, it was time to celebrate.


I think he’s very happy with his iphone…


Awwww brother and sister.



So far Scotland was perfect but don’t worry, there is still a lot more to come!

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