The Henderson European Vacation – Part 1

Ok. This is going to be hard. (That’s what she said.) I took HUNDREDS of photos. We did so many fun things on our trip, that I had to take photos of everything in order to remember it all. I have decided to do these posts in parts. I don’t know how many parts there are going to be. I’m going to say anywhere from 2-5. :-D Here we go. I’m going to start at the beginning and when I come to the end, I’ll stop. See?

We started our European Vaca at LAX. Very scenic. Usually, when you get onto a 10 hour flight, you’re not in a very good mood. LUCKILY, we saved up all our Amex points and got upgraded! Whoohoo! Beds!!! And Champagne. Here we are before we take off!

Easiest flight ever! We ate some food, watched some movies, and got some sleep.

Our first stop on the Henderson Vacation was Ely, where uncle Ronnie, aunt Denise, cousins Stewart (aka Stewie) and Neil, and of course, the Lovely Sally, Stewie’s girlfriend, live. We got into London about 3:00pm and got our luggage easily. So far so good. We knew coming into London around rush hour on a Friday was going to be bad but it’s coo cause we’re on vacation. From Heathrow Airport we took the express train to Paddington Station, where we would get a taxi to Kings Cross. Still going good! When we get to Kings Cross, where we will jump on a 45 minute train to Ely, we encounter utter chaos. There are wall to wall people standing around staring into space (kinda like the look Heinie gives to me everyday).


As we walk to where we will purchase our tickets, a whole crowd of people walk in the opposite direction. Our first instinct was to follow everyone. Luckily we did not. We found out later they got the train to Edinburgh. So we push our way through the crowd to buy our tickets but when we get to the booth we see that all trains going to Ely are canceled for next half hour. (Something to due with electric lines down somewhere, blah blah.) :( That’s ok. As long as we get there eventually. We buy our tickets and wait. This is when Dougie starts staring into space along with the rest of them. (Ok. Not space but the HUGE train scheduler thingy, that I cannot make any sense out of.) So I decide to meander around. I buy an iced coffee which is nothing like Starbucks. And I go to the “toilet”. Now getting my coffee was easy but getting in the bathroom was not. They had one of those bars that stick out and won’t let you pass without paying. It was like 30p to use the bathroom. We just got there. I had no change. And I really had to goooo. So now I’m running around (with my luggage, carry-on, and coffee) to all the vendors asking for change. Seriously the Brits were not amused. And Dougie was still staring into space. FINALLY I get the EXACT change and make my way into the bathroom. Now I’m not going to go into detail, but, juggling my beautiful new luggage, my HEAVY carry-on, and my iced coffee into the bathroom is not an easy task. When I make my way back to Dougie, he says we had to go to the train right away. There was only one train going to Ely in the next hour. The next train to Ely was another 3 hours away! So we book it to the train. When we get there it is already completely full! Oh well. We have to stand. Not a big deal, right? WRONG! People keep coming and coming. Everyone is trying to squeeze onto this train. I am pushed so far up against the wall that I left a Shannon-sized imprint. It really could not get any worse, right? WRONG AGAIN! When the train takes off, I realize there is no air on the train! Wahhhhh! THEN at the first stop, MORE PEOPLE GET ON. I am like really? REALLY? I was so close to the man standing in front of me, I could smell what he ate for breakfast!!! It was the longest 45 minutes of my life.

We finally get to Ely at around 8:00pm. It only took us 5 hours!

When we get to Ronnie and Denise’s house, we chill out. It’s sooooo nice! Stewie, Neil, and Sally come over, too. This is where we have our first taste of fish and chips. Mmmmm! Fried food!!! That night I sleep like a champ.

Saturday we wake up to a beautiful day! Total barbecue weather. Ronnie and Denise put on a wonderful barbecue and we eat! Here is the one photo we have of the barbecue:


That’s Ronnie. He’s a famous radio personality! :-D You might remember him as the man who married us!

That night we went out in Ely for a few drinks!  Here are the only pictures we have of that night:



After this point, it all gets a bit hazy… We had a great night out. And it was fantastic to see the brothers! And Sal!

Well that is the start of our vacation. Good times.

Stay tuned for more!