A Decision Has Been Made.

I have been agonizing and agonizing over this for a while. I could not decide. I loved BOTH entries. You girls really know how to kiss butt. Here are my favorite parts:

  • “As sisters, which is what we are” -Nikki (Really pushing the sister thing. Zing!)
  • “When I heard the most magnificently angelic voice I’d ever heard in my entire life. Better than NKOTB, better than Tiffany and even better than Tina Turner! I couldn’t believe my ears, I’d found my very own American Idol!!” – Jen (Laying it on thick. AND I LOVE IT!!!)
  • “I will sing loud and proud, but never, NEVER will I overpower the singing of the great Shannon Marcee Henderson.” -Nikki (Know that I have to be the center of attention!)
  • Already in awe of her bedazzling beauty, I was taken back as I felt my heart flutter when I heard the most incredible tune come out of her mouth. “Big wheels keep on turnin’, turnin’, proud mary keep on burnin’, burnin’. Rollin’, rollin’ rollin’, rollin’ rollin’ on a riiiiiiivaaaaaa.” -Jen (Still laying it on thick!)
  • “I love children and think that love for children makes the world go ‘round. HOWEVER, if those little brats cross any lines (e.g. blocking our view, heckling, singing louder than us), I’m not afraid to smack one upside their head.” -Nikki (LOL. I wonder if she’ll smack her own upside the head if they try to sing louder than me?)
  • “Shannon has so many people that love her and adore her, and I’m sure they’ll all do anything to win a night with Shannon.” -Jen (Laying it on thick like honey on a piece of buttery toast.)

Well. I have come to a decision. The winner is…






Sorry. Hehehehehe!





You get a concert. You get a concert. You get a concert. You get a concert. You get a concert. You get a concert.

Here’s the deal. Jen is going to the Taylor Swift concert. Nikki is going to the GLEE CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!!!! (I’m totally clapping right now.)