Soooooo Thanksgiving is at my house again this year. I like having it at my house. We have a good space for all the peeps. I also like making my company put on my turkey hat and say what they are thankful for. It’s a tradition. Here’s a pic from last year:


So my dilemma this year is that I am doing the Turkey Trot 5k in Long Beach on Thanksgiving morning. (I want to EAT on Thanksgiving therefore I must workout. I saw that there was a Turkey Trot and I just went for it.) Well, my job is to cook the turkey. That’s really all I have to worry about…food-wise. I am REALLY good at cooking the turkey. I have a wonderful recipe. Here is a pic of my turkey last year:


GORGEOUS!!! Now my question to you is; should I or should I not leave Dougie in charge of the turkey while I am at the 5k? He will have to baste and things…hmmmmm? It could turn out like this:


Or maybe like this:


I’m just not sure what to do??? Can he do it???


What do you think?

I <3 Taylor AND snl!!!!!!!!!

Two of my favorite things happened on Saturday night: A new snl AND Taylor Swift hosting! BEST SNL EVER!!! Sooooo funny. I’ll let you make up your own mind! Here are my favorite clips from the episode:

Hehehhehehe! I <3 Twilight too!!!

WONDERFUL!!!! And I love that Taylor and my favorite little werewolf are dating. So CUTE!!!