Oh happy day!!!

What a wonderful day I’ve had. Yes, the very opposite from my last blog. Why was my day so wonderful you ask??? Well. Let me tell you. I was at the grocery store, again, and I see a bunch of pink balloons and a whole pink display for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I ALWAYS buy the pink products. I can’t help myself. I LOVE PINK and anything to do with breast cancer awareness.

So I stroll on over to the display. I see pink cookies, pick chip clips (bought them), pink pens, AND…

A PINK SNUGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


OMG! I can’t believe it. Of course I buy one. I was seriously contemplating buying more but realized Dougie probably would think I was crazy. Crazier. But at least I got one!!!! There are soooooo many things I can finally do, that I NEVER could do before,  now that I have the Snuggie:

I can read:


I can file my nails:


I can Facebook:


I can talk on the phone:


I can eat corn on the cob:


And, of course, I can drink wine (NEVER could do that before):


The possibilities are endless!!!!

Worst Day EVER!!! Or was it???

Spoiler Alert: This venting has a good ending.

Today was the worst day ever!!! Seriously. Here are the events, in order, of my day:

  1. Took me an 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to school. I don’t understand why people cannot drive in the rain. Obviously you will have to drive a little slower! I saw like 50 cars hydroplane today. Ok I’m exaggerating. Only 25.
  2. One of my friends, who I was supposed to pick up today on my way to work, due to her car troubles, very generously bought me a Starbucks. She sent it over, by student, and the first sip I take, seriously the FIRST, I spill down my white button down shirt. (Things you must invest in: Tide Stick To-Go)
  3. Yay. I had music today with the students taught by another friend. Although, as I am walking out of the slippery cafe, my foot slips on a puddle and down I go on my knee, in front of 2 second grade classrooms AND the music teacher AND the other second grade teacher AND who knows who else lurking in the darkness, being right across from the office. (BTW, this is the same knee from the “House of Brews” night.)


  4. THEN, during lunch, which is rainy day schedule BTW (means I get 30 minutes and have to go back to the room with the students where we have already been in for recess.) we are told there will be more cuts this year. Wonder if I’m going to get another pink slip?????
  5. Finally, a few more things happen. Blah blah blah. I am NOT  a happy bunny.

So I drive home, not as bad as the morning. Whoopie! <—- Sarcasm. Realize that I’m supposed to celebrate my 3 year anniversary with my wonderful, marvelous, incredible husband. Trying to make my night go a little bit better then my day, I stop by Vons to pick up some dinner and wine (duh). REALLY REALLY REALLY trying to better my mood but everything just makes me mad. Women with shopping carts. Lame guy asking if I need help picking the cheese. Teenage girls dancing around the booze section. UGH.

Sooooo I’m walking up to the cash register, face all grumpy, when all of a sudden I see that the gentleman in front of me is purchasing a dozen long stem roses and a bottle of champagne. Sooooo cute and handsome and smelling really good. Who is this man you ask? Well…


MY hubbie.

Everything is right in the world.

Wordle Fun!


This is what wordle.com thinks about shannonscrazy.com…funny. It says words like sing, song, singer, dance. Pretty right on. Oh yea and Dougie jealous. Hahaha!

I KNEW IT!!!!!

I always knew I had a connection with Justin Timberlake. I mean come on.

  1. I can sing. He can sing.
  2. I can dance. He can dance.
  3. I dress VERY nicely. He dresses very nicely.
  4. I am good looking. He is good looking. :-D

Seriously folks, these are some MAJOR similarities. BUT that is not all peeps. No way. I saw this picture this morning:

Justin Boxers

Can you believe it??? OMG! BOXERS!!!! We are like twinsies! Don’t worry Dougie’s not jealous or anything. He totally understands.

And now a photo montage of my Stella.

Photo 170