I Tried!!!

Soooooo I tried. I REALLY did. I have guitar (I pronounce it geetar BTW) practice on Wednesday nights. So I asked my teacher to help me with this song called This is the Life. It’s by a Scottish singer named Amy MacDonald. Don’t worry there are no bagpipes in this song but am trying to get Dougie to start playing…

Anywhooo I tried recording with iMovie but it sounded a little like this:

THEN…I tried to record by using the video camera BUT it sounded like this:

Ugh! This may not happen people.

Stop smiling.


I’m off today! Whoohooooooooooo! Today is Yom Kippur!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what Yom Kippur is BUT thanks for giving me the day off.

Sooooooo about this blog thing…I’m thinking about making it somewhat of a guitar blog. I’ve been learning to play the guitar since May. And I’m getting better but I need some kind of outlet, instead of just singing over and over again to Dougie. But it is a little embarrassing. But, hey, I’m almost 30!!!!!! I have embarrassed myself many times. Like this:


What do you peeps think???

I’m Back. For now!!!

YEA YEA! I know. I haven’t updated my blog in a VERY long time. Here’s the thing…ummm…well…

Let’s pretend this is me:


I’m like this little kitty. Very cute. Very precious. Very furry. Now, this little kitty, as you can see, is a hard working kitty. This little kitty has it’s thinking cap on.

So sometimes this little kitty needs a nice long nap, like this kitty:


Although, now, this kitty (me) really wants to get back into blogging and be a little more productive, like this kitty:


(Ok, well, that kitty is not really productive but really cute.)

Does everyone understand where I’m coming from???

MY POINT IS…I will start blogging again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So stop asking.